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NOX Tiltrotators

Kinshofer NOX Tiltrotators are now available at Mutley Plant.

NOX Tiltrotators have continuous 360 degree rotation and a tilting angle of up to 2 x 50 degree making it a universal joint. Combined with a quick-change system and suitable for a range of attachments, it is a highly efficient addition to any site!

NOX Tiltrotator range is optimally engineered to suit excavators with an operating weight from 3 to 25 tons.

Smooth control improves performance, reducing operator fatigue and the compact design makes it easier to use in narrow confined spaces.

There are a range of quick hitch mounts available to suit every need!


  • Demarec
  • Kinshofer
  • Epiroc
  • Verachtert
  • VT
  • Oil Quick
  • Dynaset
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