NOX Tiltrotators

Kinshofer NOX Tiltrotators are now available at Mutley Plant.

The NOX Tiltrotator is one of the most advanced excavator tools on the market. Innovative cylinderless technology, a big 50° tilting angle on both sides and continuous 360° rotation, make it a game-changing addition to any site. Improve your efficiency – save time and money on every job – with a NOX.

Compact design
Trenching, forestry and working in confined spaces is made easier and more profitable without cylinders

Powerful operation
Elliptic Rotary Actuator delivers smooth, constant torque through the entire tilting angle
Smart control system
NOX Prop smooth, fully-proportional controls reduce operator fatigue and offer multi-user profiling

Durable construction
Robust build quality and an oil-immersed rotation unit maximises output and lowers maintenance
Increased versatility
Large range of attachment options available for greater productivity and maximum cost-effectiveness

The Nox Tiltrotators are suitable for excavators for machines of 3 to 25 tonnes, wheel loaders for machines of 5 to 33 tonnes, lift trucks, recycling machines and cranes.

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