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Promove has been manufacturing and distributing demolition equipment since 1989.  

Promove's company policy is to maximize customer's satisfaction through continuous improvements of the products performance and reliability.

Promove can be considered today as a full-liner, offering a wide range of demolition attachments, including hydraulic breakers,   pulverisersshears and multi-processors and jaw sets   plus more.

- Hydraulic breakers, fitting excavators up to 70 tonne weight;

- Multi-processing crushers, featuring high demolition power and suitable for every kind of demolition (primary breaking, pulverising, metal cutting);

- Scrap shears up to 9500 kgs weight, characterized by relevant cutting power, speed of working cycles and long-term reliability;

- Concrete pulverisers, specifically designed to satisfy customer's demand for fast demolition and recycling.

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Mutley Plant, equipment illustrations